Positive Dynamics - Highly Experienced Expert Consultants & Coaches

Associate Consultant Profiles

Caron Hitchen

HR and Organisational Development, Coaching and Mediation Specialist

I am a highly experienced OD & HR leader with over 14 years working at Executive Board level.

Sam Whale

Executive and Leadership Coaching Specialist

I am an Executive Coach with a unique blend of expertise in creating and delivering leadership, mentoring and coaching programmes.

Lynn Oliver

Executive Coaching Specialist

I develop leadership capability and facilitate Action Learning groups.

Louise Brimacombe

HR/Management Development Specialist

I have always had a deep interest in the language of organisations and how this both shapes their values and culture, and underpins their systems and processes.

Linda Laabrooy

Learning Professional & Coach MCIPD, AMAC, MinstLM

I love helping people and companies transform.

Russell Cobb

Coaching, Talent and Organisational Design and Development Specialist

I believe great results are achieved when individual and organisation needs are in balance.

Paul Redwood

Executive Coaching and Organisational Development Specialist

I challenge, coach and develop people to take greater control of their lives, roles and performance in business.

Anita Williams

Executive Coaching Specialist

The most memorable feedback I have ever received was being told that “you always think everyone has some hidden potential.

Mike Stimson

Executive Coaching Specialist

Interested in how coaching can increase the skills of individuals and teams so that organisations achieve their objectives effectively.

Paul Harrison

Executive Coaching Specialist

I specialise in coaching Executives who lead globally distributed, diverse, virtual teams.

Alison Bataller

HR, Organisational Development Specialist and Executive Coach

Having spent my HR career in several large international corporates, I have a wealth of practical and strategic experience.

Chris Hibberd

Executive and Personal Coach-Therapist, Confidant and Mediator

I also provide therapeutic coaching, coach development and supervision, and action learning programmes.

Alex Smith

HR, Organisational Development Specialist and Executive Coach

I believe organisational life can be more rewarding than it often is and that is at the core of my work with leaders and teams.