Sharon Wilson

About Sharon Wilson

Director, HR & Organisational Development Specialist

I love to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ and work with individuals and organisations to re-energise themselves to create their best possible future.

Coming from a strategic HR background and specialising in Organisational Development, achieving positive behavioural change is what fascinates me, whether that’s with individuals, teams, or whole organisations. I like to understand what it is that makes people and organisations follow paths that no longer work for them, or have lost their relevance, and collaborate with them to create new and positive strategies that achieve what they need.

My journey to being an OD consultant could be viewed as a little unconventional and I find that helps me understand many of the challenges my clients face. I know what it’s like first hand to manage a regional team with sales targets in a bank, to be in a front line customer service role on an aircraft, to develop new paths to get FMCG products to market, to be a member of an executive team in a UK business growing internationally, to lead a cultural change programme across a global business in 28 countries.

I’ve 25 years’ experience across financial services, construction, FMCG, professional services, charities, telecoms and media in a wide variety of roles and I draw on this regularly, as well as ensuring I practice what I preach and regularly push myself out of my own comfort zone to develop new skills, and keep up to date with new developments in Organisational Development.