About Sam Whale

Executive and Leadership Coaching Specialist

I am an Executive Coach with a unique blend of expertise in creating and delivering leadership, mentoring and coaching programmes both within high performance sport and business.

Much of my coaching approach is informed by my experience of working alongside British Olympic and Paralympic Performance Directors and Coaches in preparation for London 2012 and Rio 2016.

I draw upon my time spent working with leaders from elite sport and those in media, business, the arts and the military combining this with my technical knowledge of executive coaching to help individuals discover more of their own potential and capability.

I take a common sense approach often helping people to establish what holds them back or needs to change in order to resolve a particular challenge or enhance their own performance.

My approach is supportive, unassuming yet highly purposeful which at times requires people to be prepared to take courageous steps in order to make the progress sought. Not bound by convention I’m able to respond according to individual need and style believing that the principle of stepping beyond the barriers of comfort applies with equal merit to myself as well as those I work alongside.