Karen Whitemore

About Karen Whitemore

Director - People and Organisational Development Specialist

I am fascinated with human behaviour, what makes us tick, what goes through our mind and how that drives our behaviour and impacts our performance in teams and as individuals.  I love people watching in all situations, my partner calls me nosy; I like to think I am constantly learning!

I have been lucky enough to be involved in the development of individuals, teams and organisations for the last 20 years, including some wonderful change programmes in organisations such as Camelot and Tesco. I have also worked with a large variety of clients in FMCG, retail, not for profit, NHS, pharmaceutical and the entertainment industry.

I have worked with some great people and common words used to describe my approach are, passionate, energetic, driven, enthusiastic, calm yet assertive.  I enjoy really understanding people and understanding the dynamics in teams and working alongside them to find new ways of doing things that not only drive performance but also make life more enjoyable.  It is important for me to be able to enjoy working with people and helping them make change at the same time.

Academically I have always continued learning over the length of my career and have qualifications in organisational change, coaching and an MBA.

Outside of work I have 2 children, 4 step children and 2 crazy Dalmatians, so life is never quiet or boring. Food and exercise are important to me and I work hard to find time in my week for one to enable me to have more of the other.  I really enjoy travelling, holiday time with my family is really important to me.