Jill Christianson

About Jill Christianson

Leadership and Personal Development Specialist

If it doesn’t absorb you, if it isn’t any fun, don’t do it– D.H. Lawrence

I’ve always been interested in people – their similarities and uniqueness.

My career has been driven by this curiosity and motivated by the belief that each person, irrespective of role or organisation, holds an intrinsic need to grow, develop and feel valued.

I’ve worked with a rich mix of people from different cultures and organisations. Now my clients are mainly Directors and senior teams. Whatever my role – Executive coach, facilitator or development consultant, my values – openness, integrity, commitment, connection, enjoyment – are reflected in the way I work.

Although we develop many capabilities, at times we limit our thinking, overlook experience and ignore natural skills. My role is to create conversations that help others challenge limitations, introduce different perspectives and make informed choices.

I create a safe environment so individuals reflect and engage in honest dialogue and focus their development on what’s important, working towards outcomes that achieve a greater sense of accomplishment and self-fulfilment.

I notice how my environment influences my thinking. I live in the countryside and my home provides a stimulating changing landscape that provides both a catalyst for ideas & different perspectives and also enables me to relax and keep what’s important in perspective.

What’s important is my family. I’m married to Peter and have two daughters. Their youthful enthusiasm for life brings challenge, fun and opportunities to try new things.

I’m absorbed by the work I do. Clients grow and develop through the changes they choose to make and it’s immensely rewarding to see their achievements.

I also do what I do ………simply because I enjoy it!