Youth Sport Trust

I am under considerable pressure both externally and internally and therefore need an opportunity to reflect on the challenges I face, my leadership qualities, skills and techniques. My coaching sessions with Steve provide an excellent opportunity for this. He is a skilled listener and has an excellent ability to entice the right level of detail out of me to focus on individual challenges or issues, with then an ability to discuss solutions or ways that I might be able to counter these challenges. This, I believe, is based on his wealth of experience and knowledge of the working environment, particularly of those in leadership roles.

21st Century Fox

Sam has an unrivalled quality that simply allows people to be themselves. He was quick to understand my challenges, yet made no assumptions about what the best solution might have been. His very natural style put me at ease which meant I could lead the conversation. The result was a clear understanding about what was important to me in considering my next career move.

Health & Social Services

I believe that coaching with Jill has enabled me to achieve a higher level of influencing and negotiating skills, helping me considerably through a turbulent time at work when I needed to consider the impact of the change process on my own position and the team I manage.

Communication & Education

As a senior executive it’s difficult to keep time free for reflection and to get relevant and useful regular feedback from peers and team members. Working with Jill allows me to stop and think about my ways of working and how they impact on others, it gives me time to think about how I will manage a live or future issue not just what I will do; and to plan how I can be more successful in my current role and future career. Jill prompts me to find my own solutions but has the depth of knowledge to expand my ideas with a vast range of academic models, theory and experience.

Professional Services

Sharon, you have made a tremendous difference, so much so, that I struggle with how to articulate it to you in a way that could possibly convey the impact. I am hugely, tremendously grateful to you and for the amazing wisdom, empathy, intelligence and sincerity you bring to our work together.

Strategy Consultancy

I have worked with Linda in a period where I as a leader had to start up a new department/unit. The talks and discussions with Linda gave me valuable insight about my own priorities and helped me to be much clearer about my own goals and objectives with the future state of the department. Some of Linda´s questions have provoked me in a good way, and some of them still “haunt me” and I thereby use them as guiding principles for me.

[No Title]

Anne had a great gift of being able to offer very simple but effective practical tools for dealing with the day to day tactical challenges, whilst inspiring some big shifts in my outlook and personal style to help me really develop on my leadership journey. Without doubt, while I was seeing Anne I became a better leader for my direct reports, far more effective at influencing my peers and I believe my organisation got a really good return on its investment in our coaching relationship’

[No Title]

Helped me think differently about the way we approached our HR service offering; the end result is a slicker, more efficient and effective HR offering.

[No Title]

Outstanding HR professionals able to inspire confidence in the messages and in brokering acceptance of the practical solutions they proposed.

[No Title]

Highly professional, passionate, down to earth and prepared to roll up sleeves and get stuck in! I very much enjoy working with the team.

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