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Meet the Positive Dynamics Core Delivery Team

Anne Storey

Positive Dynamics CEO and Organisational Development Specialist

I am a passionate yet pragmatic Chartered People and Organisational Development Specialist

Hilary McDonald

HR, Talent and Learning & Development Specialist

I am a Human Resources and People Development specialist with a background in FMCG.

Jill Christianson

Leadership and Personal Development Specialist

‘If it doesn’t absorb you, if it isn’t any fun, don’t do it’ – D.H. Lawrence

Sharon Wilson

Director, HR & Organisational Development Specialist

I love to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ and work with individuals and organisations.

Karen Whitemore

Director - People and Organisational Development Specialist

I am fascinated with human behaviour, what makes us tick, what goes through our mind and how that drives our behaviour and impacts our performance in teams and as individuals. 

Dawn Brown

HR Specialist

An experienced HR Consultant with a strong generalist background.

Linda Bullen

Executive Coach, Leadership & Management Development Specialist

I’m interested in what really makes individuals and organisations tick and helping them find ways to stay focused.

Steve Thompson

Executive and Leadership Coach, HR and Organisational Development Specialist

My goal as a consultant and coach is to add value by providing strategic organisational development solutions