From Personnel to Positive Dynamics

Embracing change, innovative, adaptable and resilient

We’ve been in business since 1988, AND we’re still learning.


Our founder Dr Helen Ralston originally built Personnel Dynamics as an interim HR agency dedicated to promoting the transformative impact of great HR skills in organisations.

We understand that the range of work HR and OD professionals undertake has become both broader and deeper over the years, so at different points along the way, we’ve recognised that to remain relevant in our market, change was imperative.

Over the last few decades we’ve practiced what we preach and embraced significant change and transition ourselves to get to where we are today. We’ve experienced changing client requirements, skills gaps to fill, leadership changes and greater competition just like our clients.

We’ve changed what we do from classroom based work  in favour of ‘just in time’ coaching and blended learning; we’ve taken a more sophisticated and systemic OD and Leadership development approach; we’ve utilised developments in positive psychology  to inform what we do; and we’ve become more agile from working with growth sectors and start-ups.

Now we are Positive Dynamics, our own experiences along the way have created our ability to role model the spirit of innovation, adaptability and resilience we encourage in our work.


You see, we’ve been through it too!