Developing Leadership & Talent

Positive Dynamics working with LeasePlan

“Empowering the workforce to collaborate and deliver integrated and seamless customer delight”

Positive Dynamics working with Lease Plan
  • New 5 year strategy and operationalfocus “our Olympic year”
  • Managers needed to collectively focus on improved alignment with strategic priorities
  • Leaders needed to step away from the detail and empower the front line
  • Integration- holistic customer offerings across the whole range
  • Grow future leaders
  • Managers step up and make more decisions
  • Increased collaboration across LeasePlan and all the brands
  • Enhanced self-awareness and self management
  • A pragmatic approach to development
  • Business consultation and needs analysis leading to the design of a  programme that comprised: action learning, accreditation with Coventry University, coaching in pairs, master-classes, mandatory modules, optional workshops, projects with the business
  • A powerful and highly experiential Kick Off Event using licensed approach of Power+ Systems
  • Encouraging personal ownership of the programme, shaping learning plans, workshops
  • Alignment to the recently introduced Performance Management 360 tool
  • Peer coaching partnerships to support the development of a coaching culture, effective experiential learning and the integration of personal and professional development
  • High calibre speakers including external experts and LeasePlan Directors
  • Increased proactive focus by managers on improving their own performance (stretch) and taking ownership for the business: “if I want things to change I have to make it happen”
  • More empowering and coaching orientated leadership style
  • Improved cross functional understanding and collaboration; speeding up project delivery and capitalising on synergies
  • More focused communication with teams on shared values, behaviours and role in delivery of strategic objectives
  • Increased confidence and willingness to experiment with different strategies & leadership styles to improve outcomes
Inspiring and thought provoking! A catalyst for positive change.  The coaching sessions have helped me to view some sensitive scenarios from a different viewpoint.  It is refreshing and really helpful to listen to a different perspective and helps me make informed decisions
LeasePlanLeasePlan delegates

Positive Dynamics working with APS

“Growing leadership to keep pace with a fast growing organisation”

Positive Dynamics working with APS
  • A fast growing financial organisation with a disruptive vision.
  • The Executive team needed to form in a new way quickly to accommodate new members for the increased size of the business and to increase the overall strategic capability of the team.
  • A rapidly expanding employee population pushing many into new management and leadership positions quickly.
  • Light touch processes needed to hold together the successful culture of the start up business whilst taking it forward and allowing talent to be spotted and grow.
  • Bring together the new executive team quickly to build trust and develop strategic leadership
  • Develop a shared vision of talent throughout the company to help promote future leadership
  • Facilitate management population to increase their visibility and skill as leaders in the organisation
  • Develop management skills of new team leaders
  • Business consultation to develop a competency model for talent within the organisation
  • Facilitation of strategy team meetings for the executive team followed by ongoing team coaching
  • 360 degree feedback using the competency model for the executive team followed by individual coaching
  • Creation of a leadership development centre, based on the competency model to provide feedback to the management population on their leadership skills followed by ongoing coaching
  • Development of a phased management skills programme for new team leaders
  • A more closely aligned executive team with a commitment to the ongoing development of themselves and the rest of the management population
  • Reportees to the Executive stepping up and shaping more cross-organisational progress, and making their voice heard for the benefit of the wider organisation
  • First line managers enjoying and taking more responsibility for the people management aspects of their role
  • This programme of work and our partnership is ongoing