Improving Executive & Board Performance

Positive Dynamics working with UK Sport

“Enabling leaders to perform at an elite level to drive podium success for their sport & the nation”

  • In 2006 Olympic & Paralympic Sport began to receive significant Lottery funding
  • UK Sport developed a powerful ambition to finish in top 4 of medal table in London 2012 (from previous recent best of10th)
  • Funded sports needed to transition from volunteer run to professionally led organisations capable of investing and governing substantial budgets
  • Leaders needed to develop their capabilities and strive for ‘personal best’ in their executive roles
  • Fragmented performance systems within UK Olympic & Paralympic sports, and the partner organisations.
  • Develop a UK pool of talent as opposed to always importing talent from successful nations.
  • Leaders required to develop themselves, and to role-model the standards of excellence in performance expected of athletes on the field
  • New leadership talent required to professionalise all Olympic and Paralympic sport
  • Leadership teams to be bought together quickly to build trust and develop strategic leadership.
  • Performance functions to become sustainable and share best practice across the Olympic and Paralympic system
  • Boards required to govern their organisations effectively, and take part in Board evaluations, development and succession planning

Over a 10 year period the Positive Dynamics team has collaborated with UK Sport to undertake a wide range of development activities across 25 Olympic and Paralympic organisations, including:


  • Executive coaching and top team development interventions
  • Developed a tailored Board Evaluation Tool, in partnership with a governance expert, and conducted various Board development processes
  • Key provider of interventions and executive coaching on the Elite Programme for Performance Directors and Head Coaches
  • Creation of emerging leaders development centres to provide feedback on leadership skills and gaps, followed by action learning groups
  • Development of internal mentors, and facilitation of action learning groups, to support the sharing of best practice across the sports organisations
  • Played a small part in a significant step change in podium success at both Beijing & London games, with UK medaling 3rd in the table at London & inspiring our nation
  • Around 70 % of the emerging leaders worked with have currently been promoted to CEO or Director positions in a variety of sports
  • Boards & Exec teams are working more professionally
  • UK Sport’s ability to be both flexible and proactive in line with emerging changes in structure of sport has been significantly enhanced
  • This programme of work is ongoing
Positive Dynamics are a creative and dedicated team of professionals who’ve enabled us to make a step change in leadership & governance across Olympic & Paralympic Sport. Thank you
UK SportChair, UK Sport

Positive Dynamics working with RICS

“UK centric membership club to global and influential professional body”

  • An engaging & visionary CEO with a drive to create global presence and opportunities for RICS, whilst remaining relevant to members and markets
  • A need to shift the organisation from being internally focused and rule-bound, to becoming a creative, engaging and externally focused operation
  • Limited investment in the development of contemporary leadership and management skills
  • Shape and develop a cohesive leadership team
  • Define and embed the culture required to support change
  • Create a change, communication and engagement plan to bring cultural change to life for employees
  • Developed and delivered regular executive team sessions, and individual executive coaching support over two years to shape the progress and structure of the team
  • Created a programme of engagement and just-in-time development for the whole of the management community
  • Restructured Boards & teams to deliver the globalisation vision
  • Business consultation through focus groups and interviews to define the shift of culture required, and ensure understanding of the journey
  • Development of an employee engagement strategy to ensure everyone understood how the change affected them personally
  • Development of cultural team interventions to allow team managers to own and facilitate the change required with their teams.
  • A highly cohesive and effective global executive group, operating as a team for the whole organisation rather than as separate divisional heads
  • Establishment of global Boards and governance structures
  • Managers stepping up to take on more of the leadership responsibilities
  • Increases employee engagement throughout the period of change (‘Sunday Times Best Companies to work for’)
  • Transfer of skills and capabilities required to facilitate in-house workshops and team sessions to ensure sustainability of the change longer term
Through the wide experience of their consultants they are able to offer real depth, challenge and gravitas to their interventions
RICSDirector of Human Resources and Corporate Responsibility