Working With You to Develop an Outstanding Organisational Culture

Positive Dynamics in partnership with you


To create sustainable solutions in partnership with you and turn organisational challenges into opportunities for your people to learn and grow.


Through energetic relationships with our clients we will positively impact the growth and performance of organisations by developing employee capability and behaviour.


We act ethically, simplistically and honestly. We practice what we preach and apply our own values to everything we do.

We are:


Every member of our Positive Dynamics team is passionate about stretching people and organisations outside of their comfort zones. We simply love the positive energy and innovation this creates.

We delight in helping individuals and teams achieve their potential, and in seeing evidence of growth and progress long after we’ve been directly involved.

We aim to create a positive legacy in all the work we do.


We always seek to understand you and your company, with a view to establishing fruitful long term relationships.

We recognise that all organisations are unique, that’s why our solutions are developed side by side with you and tailored to your specific circumstances.


We genuinely love what we do.

Positive Dynamics’ people have all walked in similar shoes as yours, and we savour the learning that each new assignment brings for you, and for us.

When you meet us, what you see is what you get. We know time is short so our suggestions are pragmatic, realistic and as simple as possible.

To find out how we can help you with any aspect of your organisation or personal development, please call us on 01372 377935 or email